SHUTER Hang Bins

SHUTER Hang Bins

SHUTER Hang Bins can be put together side by side. Easy access to store items with hopper front bins. Enlarge inner diameter make larger capacity.

Front-inclined label area provides fast identification. Reinforced side ribs, and easy to take parts away with ergonomics slide design


Antistatic Hang Bin CHB-1218

Package :60pc / 1ctn / 3.42 cuft Net Weight: 8.34 kg Gross Weight: 9.43 kg Material&nb..

Antistatic Hang Bin CHB-1525

Package :36pc / 1ctn / 5.24 cuft Net Weight: 9.29 kg Gross Weight: 10.79 kg Material: PP El..

Antistatic Hang Bin CHB-2035

Package :18pc / 1ctn / 6.30 cuft Net Weight: 9.756 kg Gross Weight: 11.32 kg Material :PP E..

Antistatic Hang Bin CHB-2045

Package :12pc / 1ctn / 6.64 cuft Net Weight: 9.924 Gross Weight: 11.61 Material :PP Electri..

Antistatic Hang Bin CHB-3045

Package :12pc / 1ctn / 9.59 cuft Net Weight: 12.46 kg Gross Weight: 14.57 kg Material :PP E..

Hang Bin HB-1218

Package :60pc / 1ctn / 3.42cuft Net Weight: 7.68 kgs Gross Weight: 8.77 kgs Material :PP ..

Hang Bin HB-1525

Package :36pc / 1ctn / 5.24cuft Net Weight: 8.46 kgs Gross Weight: 9.96 kgs Material :PP ..

Hang Bin HB-2035

Package :18pc / 1ctn / 6.3cuft Net Weight:8.712 kgs Gross Weight: 10.272 kgs Material :PP ..

Hang Bin HB-2045

Package :12pc / 1ctn / 6.64cuft Net Weight: 9.18 kgs Gross Weight: 10.87 kgs Material :PP ..

Hang Bin HB-3045

Package :12pc / 1ctn / 9.59cuft Net Weight: 11.31 kgs Gross Weight: 13.42 kgs Material :PP ..

Hang Bin HB-4135

Package :12pc / 1ctn / 8.11cuft Net Weight: 6.79 kgs Gross Weight: 11.70 kgs Mate..