Hexagonal Group Workbench 250

  • Brand: Lokoma
  • Product Code: Hexagonal Group Workbench 250

Group workbench with 6 workstations

- 2-part work surface, 50 mm thick beechwood multiplex, oiled on upper and lower, front long edges bevelled on both sides.

- The cabinet blocks are available in a width of 576 mm, with a central locking system or with a dual locking system.

- Drawer bases are perforated with 3.2 mm holes, and inside drawer walls have pressed-in bars and slots at a 17 mm pitch.

- Constructed from a single piece with the most up-to-date CNC technology, with a load capacity of 80 kg.


Power housing, e.g. with plug sockets, compressed air attachments, or other outfittings on request.