About TYT

With more than 25 years in providing storage solution to many leading names across the industrial sectors, TYT Corporation reputation is beyond repute.

Established in 1990, TYT Corporation has now become a leading supplier in providing a comprehensive range of storage solution to help organization achieve efficiency and productivity. Over the year, TYT has expanded and grown from a mere handful of staff to the current strength of over 60 employees in 4 facilitIes.


To help our customers understand, embrace and implement smart workplace technology.


To be the trailblazer in smart workplace enablement through innovative automation and storage solutions.


TYT Corporation, a quality focused company, offers a broad range of storage solution for warehouse, workshop and office, to help boost an organization’s productivity.

Some of the elite lines include Hanel, Stopa, Lokoma, Rocky, Shuter and many more. The diverse range of storage solution products includes Automated Storage & Retrieval System, Workshop system, Racking, Office Workstation, and Office Filling System.


When it comes to quality assurance, TYT Corporation is uncompromising. We import the most reliable products direct from recognized manufacturers which have received extensive quality recognitions awards in Germany, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.


TYT Corporation aims have always been providing the highest quality product with incomparable services by continually striving to meet the highest expectations. We believe in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is the critical aspect of the growth of a company.


TYT Corporation had garnered several government recognized certifications over the years. Bizsafe (Star Level), ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & ISO 45001.


TYT CORPORATION PTE LTD recognize the importance of meeting customers requirements in achieving customer satisfaction and providing all employees, customers and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment, protecting environment and to minimize polluting the environment in our work activities.

As a Team, We shall:

Always aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best solution and highest quality services.

Ensure compliance to all applicable legal and other requirements at all times.

Set effective objectives, targets and programmes to ensure continual improvement.

Review our policy, objectives and targets periodically to ensure effectiveness of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systems.

Strive to protect the environment, prevent environmental pollution and prevent occupational ill-health and safety of all persons working for or on behalf of the company.

Ensure compliances to the company Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety management systems through engagement of employees and interested parties participation and consultation.