HD Plus

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: HD Plus

 HP Plus | Flexible Handrails to Separate Pedestrians

A heavy duty polymer handrail to guide and seperate pedestrians from traffic zones

The HP Plus is the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT® range of handrails. By adding a third extra horizontal rail, stronger posts and heavier base plates, The HP Plus is the best handrail for separating and shielding pedestrians from higher-risk traffic zones where constant maneuvering takes place. It provides higher impact resistance and flexibility and is able to absorb smaller impacts with heavier vehicles while keeping passing pedestrians safe.


The HP Plus is used for guiding pedestrians both in- and outdoor in areas with continued movements of pallet trucks, lift trucks, forklifts or other vehicles.


·         Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediately return to its original shape

·         Playfully modular and easy to install, enabling you to create the exact layout needed to match your facility's requirements

·         Ergonomically designed rails that feel comfortable to the hand

·         Number of rails: 3

·         Standard lenght: 5'

·         Custom lenghts available: 1' to 6 1/2'

·         Total height: 43"

·         Anchors per post: 4  (1/2" x 4 1/2")

·         Post color: Std. Black / Rail color: Std Yellow, other options available

·         Accessories: Corners, Toeboards, Kickplates, Stainless steel base plates


Product Specifications


Flexible polymer handrails: Innovation for all your handrail needs

Peaceful co-existence between man and vehicles requires safe partitioning. Our FLEX IMPACT® handrails have been specifically designed to provide clear separation between people and vehicles in busy, high-traffic areas. All of our handrails are made from our high-performance BSP polymer with dynamic memory, allowing the products to absord impacts and then immediately return to their original shape.

With the FLEX IMPACT® handrails system, let your ideas come to life, wether indoor or outdoor. From handrail to safety gate, we provide the appropriate flexible and impact-resistant product.

Handrails available in various colors

Our ergonomic handrails, guardrails and safety gates feel comfortable to your hand are available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing, high-visibility colors:

·         Yellow

·         Yellow with a black stripe

·         Yellow with a luminescent or "Glow in the dark" stripe

·         Black with a yellow stripe

·         Black with an orange stripe

·         Black with a luminescent or "Glow in the dark" stripe

·         Grey

Luminescent handrails leading the way to exits in the dark

Our synthetic handrails and guardrails are also available in a "Glow in the dark" finish. These unique handrails have an integrated luminescent stripe that absorbs the light during the day. When darkness falls at night or during a power failure, these luminescent guardrails release the absorbed light gradually. This luminescence bridges the gap between light and dark for a period of about 4 hours, which should be ample time to find your way to the emergency exit or aisles again.

The luminescent stripe is co-extruded within our polymer, so it is certain never to wear off!