Leaf Door Cupboard with Containers

  • Brand: Lokoma
  • Product Code: Leaf Door Cupboard with Containers

Made of high quality fine gauge steel plate

Comprise Of:
- 1pc x steel welded reinforced housing
- 2pcs x steel swing door with perforated panel with cylinder lock & keys
- 3pcs x perforated board for real wall of housing (Size: 938W x 594D mm)
- 97pcs x storage bin B1, Yellow (Size: 88L x 105W x 53H mm)
- 74pcs x storage bin B2, Red (Size: 160L x 105W x 75H mm)
- 18pcs x storage bin B3, Blue (Size: 235L x 144W x 120H mm)
- 20pcs x storage bin B4, Green (Size: 345L x 205W x 163H mm)