SG Swing Gate

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: SG Swing Gate

SG Swing Gate | Safety Gate with Lateral Swing Gate

Safety gates with a self-closing sideways swing gates

The SG Swing Gate is a safety gate that you can swing open on both sides. It is quite common to carelessly leave open gates and access ways to hallways and machine rooms. Thanks to the SG Swing Gate, this will be a thing of the past. If wanted, this safety gate will close automatically, ensuring that your access points will remain permanently closed to unauthorized personnel.

Safety gates for modular installation, can be combined with handrails and guardrails

The SG Swing Gate is perfect for use with our FLEX IMPACT® impact protection system. The integration of a safety gate with a sideways swing gate is suited to any room which has sufficient freedom of movement. The SG Swing Gate can be supplemented in a modular structure by the FLEX IMPACT® handrails or guardrails. Together, these safety elements ensure smooth, safe traffic between the various zones in your company.


Product Specifications



Innovative safety gates forces people to stop before proceeding

Our FLEX IMPACT® range of innovative safety gates have found their way in workplaces around the world! While employees can choose to ignore a stop sign, they have to stop before a closed gate! The action of having to stop and open a gate, actuall makes them aware of their environment and the need to look out for incoming traffic. Install gates anywhere pedestrians have to access a forklift area, such as the enty points to the warehouse or the end of walkways.

We have gates FLEX IMPACT® that match any type of environment and complement our range of hand- and guardrail perfectly!