Rack End Protector

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: RE Rack End

Rack End Protector | Flexible crash protection at the ends of the racking

Impact protection at the ends of your racking

The polymer Rack End Protector is the optimal protection for your rack ends, with the two bollards offering optimal protection to your corner uprights. Warehouse operators who are often under severe time constraints tend to cut corners, literally. The consequences can be severe: rack collapse, damaged goods, and sometimes also physical injury. Do not skip on safety where your rack ends are concerned.

The Rack End Protector is used specifically for the protection of your rack ends.​


·         ​Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediatelt return to its original shape

·         Extremely light and easy to install

·         Countersunk anchors avoid forks to shear them off

·         Standard lenght: 4'

·         Custom lenghts available: up to 8'

·         Total height: 22"

·         Anchors per post: 4  (1/2" x 5 1/2") countersunk

·         Post color: Std. Yellow/ Rails color: Std Yellow

·         Accessories: Kickplates, Stainless steel base plates

The Rack End Protector can also be offered with bollard mid posts, making it fully modular


Product Specifications



Rack protection for the best in warehouse protection

Rack protectors will not only save you from considerable warehouse damage, they will also help you prevent human suffering! Crashes on racking are among the most common workplace accidents. Forklift operators are often under severe time constraints and have to hurry. A crash against a rack is therefore an accident waiting to happen, and the consequences can be disastrous.

More importantly, this can cause life-threatening situations for the forklift driver or other staff. By installing FLEX IMPACT® Rack Protectors, you eliminate almost entirely the chances of this type of disaster scenario.