KP Protector

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: KP Protector

KP Protector | Pillar Protection with a Large Capacity for Compression

Column protection for round load-bearing pillars or for columns

The KP Protector is a round column protection for round load-bearing pillars or for columns with an H beam. This column protection helps you prevent collision damage to masts and load-bearing pillars and columns in factories and warehouses. The KP Protector consists of two parts which you can easily install around the pillar.


Durable synthetic column protection in a variety of colors and sizes

The KP Protector is extremely impact-resistant. It meets and absorbs the impacts with the slightest of collisions. This durable synthetic pillar protection is available in a variety of colors and sizes and is maintenance-free. After impact, this pillar protection retains its shape, appearance and characteristics.


Product Specifications



The best protection for load-bearing pillars and columns


Our FLEX IMPACT® column protectors can be deployed as protection for walls, corners and structural columns. After all, collisions can endanger the long-term stability of your building’s entire construction. But also the unappealing sight of damaged concrete, walls and infrastructure after multiple collisions can be harmful to your corporate image. Our column protectors make this a thing of the past.

Our systems for column protection have a large compressive capacity. This allows them to absorb impacts perfectly and safeguarding the pillar from structural damage.