Goal Post

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: Goal Post

Goal Post | Protection for Gates, Loading Platforms & Conveyor Bridges

Flexible height limiter and protective portal to protect crash damage in elevated places

The Goal Post within the range is a flexible height limiter which protects your industrial gates, canopies and bridges from collisions with high vehicles, such as elevated work platforms, trucks and buses. A Goal Post consists of a portal and an flexible, adjustable tube or touch barrier. The Goal Post is available in sizes tailored to your needs and in a variety of colors, with or without a sensor.

Avoid expensive collision damage to dock doors, loading platforms or conveyor belts

The costs for collision damage to vulnerable doorways, dock doors, loading platforms, conveyor belts or utilities can go through the roof – literally. That’s not even including the logistic consequences. In the event of a severe collision, your gate, conveyor belt or loading platform may have to be temporarily deemed unfit for use, leading to delays in your activities and possibly even causing a shutdown. You’ll undoubtedly want to avoid this at all times. The Goal Posts by Boplan offer the perfect collision protection, barrier and/or height limiter so you can considerably limit the risk of collision damage in elevated places. Because of the flexible impact resistance, you enjoy the benefit of optimal protection whilst retaining shape, appearance and properties.


Product Specifications




Robust bollards and barriers for your doors and access ways


Bollards and Goal Posts by BoPlan provide excellent barriers for your industrial doors and access ways. After all, collisions involving doors and access ways can lead to major, long-term problem situations. Damage or defects in your doors and access ways due to collisions with a pallet truck or forklift can cause a major disruption in the flow of people and goods. Waiting until the damage is repaired can cause serious delays or may even lead to a temporary shutdown in activity, and that is obviously something you’d rather avoid.


Prevention is better than the cure with these flexible protective posts


Boplan’s impact-resistant FLEX IMPACT® range offers various types of bollards and systems for simple yet effective protection for your doors and access ways. The synthetic construction of our Bollards and Goal Posts provides the optimal in energy-absorbing capacity. When crashing into a bollard, the material will distort and afterwards return to its original shape. These flexible bollards have therefore been constructed in such a way that, in the event of a collision, they will prevent damage to your doors, the bollards and the vehicle causing the crash.