BO Super

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: BO Super

BO Super | Flexible Protective Post for Maximum Barrier Protection

Protective posts for frequent collisions with heavy vehicles

The BO Super bollard is a fortified version of the BO Impact. That makes the BO Super the ideal flexible protective post to protect doors, access ways, corners & machines from frequent crashes with heavier vehicles. Due to the robustness and impact-resistant flexibility of the BO Super, this protective post can take a beating.

Just like their lighter siblings, these bollards are available in a variety of highly heights, patterns and color combinations. Due to its sizable diameter, this protective post can absorb frequent crashes. Because of the flexibility of their material, the posts will slightly flexes with each crash, but then return to their original shape.

The BO Super is used to protect industrial door tracks, corners, walls, electrical panels and machines from collisions involving forklift trucks or other industrial vehicles.


·         ​Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediately return to its original shape

·         Ø​ 10"

·         Standard height: 47"

·         Custom height available: 1' - 8'

·         Anchors per post: 4  (3/4" x 5 1/2")

·         Color: Std. Yellow, other colors available

·         Accessories: Colored or reflective stripes, stainless steel base plates


Product Specifications




Robust bollards and barriers for your doors and access ways

Bollards and Goal Posts by BoPlan provide excellent barriers for your industrial doors and access ways. After all, collisions involving doors and access ways can lead to major, long-term problem situations. Damage or defects in your doors and access ways due to collisions with a pallet truck or forklift can cause a major disruption in the flow of people and goods. Waiting until the damage is repaired can cause serious delays or may even lead to a temporary shutdown in activity, and that is obviously something you’d rather avoid.

Prevention is better than the cure with these flexible protective posts

Boplan’s impact-resistant FLEX IMPACT® range offers various types of bollards and systems for simple yet effective protection for your doors and access ways. The synthetic construction of our Bollards and Goal Posts provides the optimal in energy-absorbing capacity. When crashing into a bollard, the material will distort and afterwards return to its original shape. These flexible bollards have therefore been constructed in such a way that, in the event of a collision, they will prevent damage to your doors, the bollards and the vehicle causing the crash.