Double Axes Gate

  • Brand: Boplan
  • Product Code: Double Axes Gate

Double AXES GATE | Double, self-closing polyurethane safety gates

Fall protection that is tested and approved to comply with the highest standards of safety

The safety and strength of the Double AXES GATE have been tested extensively. Several sectors involve major risks of falling from a great height. The consequences of such a fall are huge, both from a human and material perspective. These are incidents that you would rather avoid at your company. We therefore advise you to make a conscious choice to install a safety gate to safely close your cage ladders and work platforms above certain heights. And not just any safety gate, either.

Ultra-strong, impact-resistant plastic fall protection

Our double AXES GATE is an ultra-strong plastic safety gate that is so strong precisely because of its impact-resistant properties. That is why it is so perfect for fall protection applications. Inspection and tests have proven that our double industrial safety gate can easily withstand an impact of at least 220 lbs. At any impact, they bend briefly and then return to their original shape. Bends, dents and fractures as can often be seen in steel products do not occur in our plastic fall protection. That is one of the reasons why they comply with the stringent EN 14122-3 and 14122-4 standards, the results of 15 years of research and development and production experience.

Self-closing safety gate with adjustable resistance settings

When a rushed or absent-minded employee forgets to close the safety gate when leaving, your security system becomes completely pointless. These types of human error happen far more often than anyone hopes. Boplan has also thought about that. Our Double AXES GATE has an innovative, self-lubricating and encapsulated hinge element which ensures that the safety gate will close automatically, keeping your access way permanently restricted. It is also important to know that you can decide whether the safety gate opens to the left or right when you install it. You can also determine the resistance and speed of the self-closing hinge during installation. But that is not all.

Highly robust, reliable fall protection

The Double AXES GATE is a double safety gate because it uses two horizontal rails. Both horizontal rails are connected by vertical rails at regular intervals. This redundancy makes the safety gate a highly robust, reliable fall protection system.

Safety gates resistant to chemicals, fire and UV and anti-static

These past 15+ years, our AXES GATEs have been used worldwide on a daily basis in the most intense and demanding circumstances, such as in the chemical industry and on offshore drilling platforms.

The properties of the AXES GATES

Our double industrial safety gates are chemically resistant because they can withstand chemical substances, corrosive agents or toxic chemicals. That is why we are regular suppliers to the highly demanding petro-chemical sector. The Double AXES GATES are also corrosion-resistant and can withstand the effects of highly saline environments such as offshore drilling platforms.

Since our synthetic safety gates have been colored to the core, they retain their highly visible yellow color, even when they have exposed for days on end to intense solar radiation. So the Double AXES GATE is also UV-resistant. Moreover, our double safety gates are anti-static and fire-resistant. The main reason that the AXES GATE is suitable for such a wide range of applications in each sector lies in the way it is implemented, its composition and the remarkable properties of the plastic it’s made of.

Industrial safety gate made of durable polyurethane

Our Double AXES GATE has received wide acclaim for its very long life span. The Double AXES GATE has been manufactured from high-quality, reinforced polyurethane (PU). This synthetic material puts the all-too-familiar problems with metal fatigue in traditional fall protection systems firmly in the past.

Fall protection made of extremely durable materials

The spring in the hinge was tested to be able to withstand over 100,000 cycles. Rust and corrosion cannot eat away at the reinforced plastic and stainless steel components of the Double AXES GATE. Because of the durable, carefully chosen materials using in manufacturing our fall protection, you will have no trouble with structural weaknesses. Added bonus: these materials are also very low-maintenance.

Fall protection that comes in an easy-install package

The Double AXES GATE comes packaged in a box or pallet box delivered completely assembled.  The safety gate is very easy to install from there. Since it only uses one size of nuts and bolts, there is no need for a complete array of tools. An adapter is included in case you want to attach the AXES GATE to a round tube. It’s clear: the double safety gate of the AXES GATE series is easy, fast and safe to install, even in elevated places.

Fall protection and safety gates with the best visibility

The type of polymer we use in the Double AXES GATE is, like all our other safety products, colored to the core with the distinctive safety yellow, RAL number 1023.

Using materials that are colored to the core has several advantages:

  • There is no need to keep on repainting the fall protection after impact.
  • The safety gates are low-maintenance and UV-resistant, so their color won’t need to be touched up regularly.
  • The AXES GATE is also often praised for its aesthetic qualities.
  • Preformed slots make it possible to hang warning signs on the gate.

Reliable fall protection is cheaper than cutting safety costs

Do not be stingy with the safety of your employees or your work environment. There is no acceptable price to pay for human suffering; you should steer clear of avoidable costs caused by workplace accidents. The consequences of accidents due to faulty safety precautions in the workspace could prove to be a costly mistake: absence from work, delays in production, time-consuming and annoying labor inspections, not even mentioning the damage to your reputation. All in all, the consequences of a workplace accident will result in a far higher price than simply installing solid measures to restrict access to hazardous zones, using self-closing safety gates and reliable fall protection.

Durable and cost-efficient fall protection

By choosing the Double AXES GATE®, you choose optimal safety, but also for a cost-efficient investment. Due to their unique properties, all of our industrial safety gates enjoy a long life span with less worries about maintenance.

Fall protection is safe for fingers and has no sharp edges

The Double AXES GATE has been designed with in-depth thought and a focus on functionality. The double safety gate is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also uses a very safe construction. All of our industrial safety gates incorporate an innovative and encapsulated hinge technology which has no sharp edges. That is why our hinges are not only very safe for extremities, but also use rounded elements that prevent snags in clothing or limbs.

Fall protection and restricted access to hazardous zones

The Double AXES GATE is specifically developed as fall protection for cage ladders and work platforms. When working in elevated places or in other hazardous situations, optimal fall protection is vitally important for your employees. The Double AXES GATE is a robust, industrial safety gate that you can use to secure the openings of cage ladders and safely restrict access to your machines and work platforms.

Self-closing double industrial safety gate

With an industrial safety gate such as the Double AXES GATE®, you leave nothing to chance. Gates left open by the carelessness of some individuals no longer present a hazard if you use the Double AXES GATE. After all, this double industrial safety gate closes automatically each time someone passes through. When installing, you have a choice whether the door opens to the left or to the right. The Double AXES GATE is available in lengths of 22 to 47”, to meet the needs of your situation. The rest of the positive qualities of this robust, impact-resistant polyurethane safety gate are listed below.


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Industrial safety gates for robust fall protection

The industrial safety gates in the AXES GATE series were the very first Boplan product. In many sectors, falling from a considerable height is a real possibility. The consequences of such falls can be catastrophic: serious injury, long-term disability and in the worst case even death. Personal suffering generally cannot be compensated by damage claims. The consequences for the employer should not be underestimated either. The production process will encounter considerable delays and may even be shut down. Time-consuming labor inspections follow in the wake of such incidents. Your company risks damage to its reputation, you lose precious time, and costs rise through the roof. That is why you need to prevent such situations by investing in solid, robust fall protection – such as the single or double AXES GATE. Over time, our industrial safety gates have been perfected down to the smallest details.

The advantages of the AXES GATE

Our industrial gates in the AXES GATE series are the result of 15 years of continuous production experience, which translates to perfection in the tiniest details.

  • The AXES GATE is EN 14122-3 and 14122-4 compliant, making it an exceptionally impact-resistant industrial safety gate.
  • Our AXES GATE safety gates can easily withstand an impact of 220 lbs.
  • These industrial safety gates are manufactured from flexible plastic. At impact, they bend slightly and then return to their original shape. The AXES GATE shows no dents or cracks, as we often see in the classic steel safety products.
  • The AXES GATE is very easy to install.
  • Once installed, you never will need to maintain the AXES GATE.
  • Our industrial safety gates are self-closing. This is an important safety advantage, since a co-worker might forget to close the gate manually after going through.