Flexible Safety Barrier

Flexible Safety Barrier

BOPLAN uses high-quality & high-performance plastics with properties that far surpass those traditional materials. Their modular safety systems are the most innovative on the market, for the protection of industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports drilling platforms & (petro) chemical sites worldwide.


SG Drop Gate

SG Drop Gate | Safety Gate with Upward Movement Safety gate that opens with an upwards movem..

SG Slide Gate

SG Sliding Gate | Safety Gate with Slide Gate Safety gate with a sliding door that opens to ..

SG Swing Gate

SG Swing Gate | Safety Gate with Lateral Swing Gate Safety gates with a self-closing sideway..

Single Axes Gate

Single AXES GATE | Single Plastic Safety Gate with a Self-Closing Mechanism A small and robu..

TB 200

TB 200 | Wheel Stopper with Collision by Vehicles Wheel guides or wheel stoppers protecting ..

TB 400

TB 400 | A Polymer Guardrail for Structural Protection against Forklift Impact A strong guar..

TB 550

TB 550 | Crash Protection or Barrier with Fortified Mid-post A strong guardrail protecting i..

TB Double

TB Double | Double Crash Protection from High Impact Risk A double guardrail protecting infr..

TB Double Plus

TB Double Plus | Robust Crash Protection for Pedestrians Robust barrier to protect pedestria..

TB Double Super

TB Double Super | Fortified Barrier for Major Impact Protection Simply the best in impact pr..

TB Mini

TB Mini | Barrier to Protect from Collision with Light Vehicles Protection from trolleys, ca..

TB Plus

TB Plus | Barrier to Protect Pedestrians from Vehicles A strong guardrail protecting people ..

TB Triple Super

TB Triple Super | Maximum Barrier Protection for Vehicle Zones Simply the best in impact pro..