Flexible Safety Barrier

Flexible Safety Barrier

BOPLAN uses high-quality & high-performance plastics with properties that far surpass those traditional materials. Their modular safety systems are the most innovative on the market, for the protection of industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports drilling platforms & (petro) chemical sites worldwide.


BO Impact

BO Impact | Flexible Post to Protect from Frequent Collisions Protective bollards in places ..

BO Light

BO Light | Flexible Post to Protect from Minor Collisions Protective posts used for collisio..

BO Super

BO Super | Flexible Protective Post for Maximum Barrier Protection Protective posts for freq..

CP Protector

CP Protector | Corner Protection and Wall Protection Corner protection for the most vulnerab..

Double Axes Gate

Double AXES GATE | Double, self-closing polyurethane safety gates Fall protection that is te..

Goal Post

Goal Post | Protection for Gates, Loading Platforms & Conveyor Bridges Flexible height l..

HD Light

HD Light | Flexible Handrails to Seperate Pedestrians A lightweight polymer handrail to guid..

HD Mezza

HD Mezza | Handrails with Toeboard for Fall Protection A lightweight handrail for adding saf..

HD Plus

 HP Plus | Flexible Handrails to Separate Pedestrians A heavy duty polymer handra..

KP Protector

KP Protector | Pillar Protection with a Large Capacity for Compression Column protection for..

KP Universal

KP Universal | Universal Column Protection for Extraordinary Sizes Modular and universal pro..

PL Kick

PL Kick – PL Hexa | Toeboard, Wheel Stopper or Wheel Guides Kickrail, the optimal in p..


RackBull® | Universal Rack Protection that Fits All Racking Rackbull, the universal..

RE Rack End

RE Rack End | Flexible crash protection at the ends of the racking Impact protection at the ..

RE Rack End w Support

RE Rack End with Support | Fortified RE Rack End in case pallet trucks crash against racking ..