Safety Gates

Safety Gates

Innovative safety gates forces people to stop before proceeding

Our FLEX IMPACT® range of innovative safety gates have found their way in workplaces around the world! While employees can choose to ignore a stop sign, they have to stop before a closed gate! The action of having to stop and open a gate, actuall makes them aware of their environment and the need to look out for incoming traffic. Install gates anywhere pedestrians have to access a forklift area, such as the enty points to the warehouse or the end of walkways.



SG Drop Gate

SG Drop Gate | Safety Gate with Upward Movement Safety gate that opens with an upwards movem..

SG Slide Gate

SG Sliding Gate | Safety Gate with Slide Gate Safety gate with a sliding door that opens to ..

SG Swing Gate

SG Swing Gate | Safety Gate with Lateral Swing Gate Safety gates with a self-closing sideway..