Bollards & Goal Posts

Bollards & Goal Posts

Robust bollards and barriers for your doors and access ways

Bollards and Goal Posts by BoPlan provide excellent barriers for your industrial doors and access ways. After all, collisions involving doors and access ways can lead to major, long-term problem situations. Damage or defects in your doors and access ways due to collisions with a pallet truck or forklift can cause a major disruption in the flow of people and goods.



BO Impact

BO Impact | Flexible Post to Protect from Frequent Collisions Protective bollards in places ..

BO Light

BO Light | Flexible Post to Protect from Minor Collisions Protective posts used for collisio..

BO Super

BO Super | Flexible Protective Post for Maximum Barrier Protection Protective posts for freq..

Goal Post

Goal Post | Protection for Gates, Loading Platforms & Conveyor Bridges Flexible height l..