SCARA Robot THL1000

The largest THL SCARA Robots include the THL800, THL900 and THL1000 with arm lengths of 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm respectively. Each THL offers a payload of 10kg. Cycle times (with 2 kg load) are .47s for the THL800 and THL900, and .48s for the THL1000. All THL Robots feature a working envelope of 4 axes, with a Z-axis rotation of 360º with a Z axis movement up to 300mm.

Product Specifications



Type Horizontal Multi-Joint
No. of Controlled Axes 4
Arm Length Full Length 1000mm (550mm + 450mm)
Range of Motion Axis 1 ±125°
Axis 2 ±145°
Axis 3 (Z-axis) 0~300mm
Axis 4 (Z-axial rotation) ±360°
Maximum Speed *1 Axis 1 187.5°/s
Axis 2 217.5°/s
Axis 3 (Z-axis) 2000mm/s
Axis 4 (Z-axial rotation) 1700°/s
Composite 5.0m/s
Cycle Time (with 2KG load) *2 0.48s
Maximum Payload 10KG (Ratings: 2KG)
Allowable Moment of Inertia 0.02kg·m2
Positioning *3 Repeatability X, Y ±0.02mm
Z (Axis 3) ±0.015mm
Axis 4 (Z-axial Rotation) ±0.007°


Input Signal for Hand

8 inputs, 8 outputs

Hand Pneumatic Joints *4 φ6×3 pcs
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Robot Controller Cable 3.5m
Power Capacity 1.4kVA
Total Weight 37KG

*1: Acceleration/deceleration rates may be limited according to the motion pattern, load mass and amount of offset.
*3: Horizontal 300mm, vertical 25mm, round-trip. Continuous operation is not possible beyond the effective load ratio.
*2: When the environment temperature is constant 20℃. Positioning repeatable accuracy in one-direction movement.Not absolute positioning accuracy.
*4: Pneumatic joints are provided on the base. Please refer to the drawings for the details of the pneumatic joints. Pipes to be are provided by the customers.