SCARA Robot TH850A

The SCARA ROBOTS of Toshiba Machine Ltd has a wide range of Scara industrial robots that are suitable for use in high precision applications or heavy-duty pick and place applications.The entire series is easy to install, program and manage. It has a duct-less design with built-in pc which is ready for touch-sensitive and operation panel feature.

This is a high-speed SCARA robot with arm length 850mm and maximum payload capacity 20kg. It supports options such as cleanroom design, IP65, and ceiling-mount type.


Product Specifications



Arm Length Full Length 850+mm
1st arm 350mm
2nd arm 500mm
Range of Motion 1st Axis ±160°
2nd Axis ±145°
3rd Axis (Z-axis) 200mm (Option: 400mm)
4th Axis (Z-axial rotation) ±360°
Maximum Speed 1st Axis 300°/s
2nd Axis 420°/s
3rd Axis (Z-axis) 2050mm/s [2000mm/s]
4th Axis (Z-axial rotation) 1200°/s
Composite Speed 8.13m/s
Standard Cycle Time 

Horizontal Direction: 100mm

Vertical Direction: 25mm, reciprocating

0.39s (0.45s)
(with 2 kg weight)
Load Maximum Payload 20KG
Allowable End Moment 0.2kg·m2
Positioning Repeatability X, Y (Plane Surface) ±0.01mm
Z-axis (vertical) ±0.01mm
4th Axis (Z-axial Rotation) ±0.004°
Input Signal for Hand

5 inputs, 4 outputs

Air Piping for Hand φ6×4
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Total Weight Approx. 76KG
Attached Cable Standard: 5m (Option: 25m)
Controller TS3000 / TS2100 / TS2000