SCARA Robot TH1200A

This is a high-speed SCARA robot with arm length 1200mm and maximum payload capacity 20kg. Large-sized high-speed SCARA Robot with an arm being one of the longest in the industry

Product Specifications



Arm Length Full Length 1200mm
1st arm 700mm
2nd arm 500mm
Range of Motion 1st Axis ±160°
2nd Axis ±145°
3rd Axis (Z-axis) 200mm (Option: 400mm)
4th Axis (Z-axial rotation) ±360°
Maximum Speed 1st Axis 240°/s
2nd Axis 330°/s
3rd Axis (Z-axis) 1800mm/s
4th Axis (Z-axial rotation) 1000°/s
Composite Speed 7.9m/s
Standard Cycle Time 

Horizontal Direction: 100mm

Vertical Direction: 25mm, reciprocating

(with 2 kg weight)
Load Maximum Payload 20KG
Allowable End Moment 0.2kg·m2
Positioning Repeatability X, Y (Plane Surface) ±0.03mm
Z-axis (vertical) ±0.02mm
4th Axis (Z-axial Rotation) ±0.005°
Input Signal for Hand

5 inputs, 4 outputs

Air Piping for Hand φ6×4
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Total Weight Approx. 83KG
Attached Cable Standard: 5m (Option: 25m)
Controller TS3100