Vertical Articulated Robot TV800

The Toshiba Machine TV800 series are high performance, 6 axis industrial cell robots. Used in conjunction with the TS3100 controller, the units deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability for a wide range of applications. 

The TV800 are manufactured from high grade materials and components to ensure quality. It features an arm length of 800 mm that has a maximum reach of 92 mm capable of lifting a maximum payload of 5.0 kg. The advanced robots have a composite speed up to 8.06 meters per second, an efficient cycle time of 0.4 to 0.5 seconds, and a precise repeatability of ±0.02 mm.

Product Specifications




Arm Length Total Length 800mm
1st arm 380mm
2nd arm 420mm
Reach 892mm
Working Envelope Axis 1(J1) ±170°
Axis 2 (J2) -100 ∼ +150°
Axis 3 (J3) -127 ∼ +167°
Axis 4 (J4) ±190°
Axis 5 (J5) ±120°
Axis 6 (J6) ±360°
Maximum Speed (Note 1) Axis 1(J1) 237°/s
Axis 2 (J2) 240°/s
Axis 3 (J3) 288°/s
Axis 4 (J4) 350.5°/s
Axis 5 (J5) 484°/s
Axis 6 (J6) 576°/s
Composite  8.06m/s
Standard Cycle time (Note 2)

Horizontal: 300mm

Vertical: 25mm

0.4 sec
Load Maximum Payload 5KG
Allowable Moment of Inertia at End Axis 4, 5 0.3kg·m2
Axis 6 0.05kg·m2
Positioning Repeatability (Note 3) X, Y, Z ±0.02mm
Input Signal for Hand

8 inputs, 8 outputs

Air Piping for Hand φ6×3pcs
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Total Weight 45kg
Attached Cable Standard: 5m
Controller TS3100