Vertical Articulated Robot TV1000

This TV1000 model, created by Toshiba Machines, is a six axis cell robot machine that is manipulated by Toshiba Machine TS3100 controller. TS3100 controller is programmed the same with other industrial robots in a language that is alike to BASIC called SCOL. 

This six axis cell robot features a maximum length of 1000mm and an utmost reach of 1090mm. It operates with a speed of 9.61 meters per second and works in an utmost 0.6 to 0.7 cycle time. The device comprises a fixed Ethernet port which grants conveyor and vision synchronization an easy task. Moreover, it has an integral TCmini PLC system.

Product Specifications



Arm Length Total Length 1000mm
1st arm 480mm
2nd arm 520mm
Reach 1090mm
Working Envelope Axis 1(J1) ±170°
Axis 2 (J2) -100 ∼ +150°
Axis 3 (J3) -127 ∼ +167°
Axis 4 (J4) ±190°
Axis 5 (J5) ±120°
Axis 6 (J6) ±360°
Maximum Speed (Note 1) Axis 1(J1) 237°/s
Axis 2 (J2) 240°/s
Axis 3 (J3) 288°/s
Axis 4 (J4) 350.5°/s
Axis 5 (J5) 484°/s
Axis 6 (J6) 576°/s
Composite  9.61m/s
Standard Cycle time (Note 2)

Horizontal: 300mm

Vertical: 25mm

0.6 sec
Load Maximum Payload 5KG
Allowable Moment of Inertia at End Axis 4, 5 0.3kg·m2
Axis 6 0.05kg·m2
Positioning Repeatability (Note 3) X, Y, Z ±0.03mm
Input Signal for Hand

8 inputs, 8 outputs

Air Piping for Hand φ6×3pcs
Position Detection Method Absolute encoder mode
Total Weight 48kg
Attached Cable Standard: 5m
Controller TS3100