[60min Range] T762E Two Door Flammable Cabinet

Model: T762E Flammable Cabinet

Number of containment: 1

Number of containment sump: 1

Storage Capacity (L): 60

Weight (kg): 213


- Double wall construction: Outer housing made of sheet steel with high quality Epoxy coating RAL 9010.

- Double wall construction: Inner body built in white (RAL 9010) melamine-based wood.

- Thermal insulation panel between the walls avoiding thermal bridges.


- Air inlet and outlet ducts for natural ventilationor connection with forced ventilation/filtration system.

- In case of fire, a themo-fuse automatically seals off the ventilation system.

- Thermo-expanding seals of the door(s) allow keeping the internal body fireproof.

- Self-closing door(s): if the temperature rises to 50degrees, a fuse link closes the door(s) automatically.


- Tested and approved according to EN 14470-1 (04-2004) and EN 1363-1 (06-2000)

- Normalized labelling according to ISO 3864 and EN 14470-1 (04-2004) norms, and 92/58/CEE european directive.


- 60 minutes (approved Type 90) fire resistant in accordance with ISO 834 fire heating curve

- Tested and approved by an independent European laboratory.

- Possibility to separate the dangerous products families.