[30min Range] T3032E Two Door Flammable Cabinet

Model: T3032E Flammable Cabinet

Number of steel retention shelf(s): -

Number of steel containment sump: 1

Number of steel perforated cover plate: 1

Storage Capacity (L): 60

Weight (kg): 108

- Tested and approved Type 30 according to EN 14470-1 (04-2004) and EN 1363-1 (06-2000)

- Tested and approved Type 10 minutes according to FM 6050 (Factory Mutual International).

- Normalized labelling according to ISO 3864 and EN 14470-1 (04-2004) norms, 92/58/CEE european directive and FM regulations. 


- 30 minutes fire resistant in accordance with ISO 834 fire heating curve

- Self-closing doors with possibility to keep the door(s) open. If the temperature rises to 43 degrees, a fuse link closes the door(s) automatically.