The Access Point

  • Brand: Hänel
  • Product Code: Hanel Lean-Lift
The access point of the Hanel Lean-Lift®  Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is truly multi-talented
It protects the user and it weighs, measures, photographs and identifies the storage items. The smooth-action rollers make storage and retrieval operations a breeze. Shelf retrieval and put-away can also be performed automatically.
The interior lighting makes sure you can 'keep an eye on things'. A compartment sublevel indicator or the Pick-o-Light® system guarantee error-free retrieval. Hänel offers individual equipment variants for every need.
All these are ideas the Hanel specialists have developed over their many years of experience – and from which you benefit.
Safety light curtain
The Hanel light curtain guarantees maximum safety for the operators as they pick and put.


Optimum storage assignment based on precise height measurement of goods

Accurate height measurement for storing containers in the optimal packing density. Height-measuring light barriers spaced at 25 mm, 37.5 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm or 125 mm.

When the container is drawn in, the highly accurate light barriers measure the articles, and the Hänel microprocessor control system finds the optimum storage location in the Hanel Lean-Lift® VLM. At the same time a protruding goods check is carried out. With its height sensors, profile wall and Hänel container technology, the Hanel Lean-Lift® VLM provides vertical optimization and height optimization in one!

Accurate weights recorded with the Hänel weighing device

The Hanel Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is equipped with a weight management system as standard. As an option, an electronic 4-point weighing system can be used to weigh each container in the access point without any loss of time. The current weight is then shown on the keyboard display.

The weighing device allows the maximum load of the individual containers and that of the entire lift to be record­ed. The additional payload is determined with the tare function.