• Product Code: MultiPick

The MultiPick system has been designed from the users perspective, with many functions automatically determined using advanced algorithms and a self-learning capability. This makes the lift operator highly efficient and productive — from learning the system in only a few minutes, to following simple instructions during the pick-put process. Errors are virtually eliminated and use of the system is simplified to pressing a confirmation button for almost all operations.


MultiPick has been designed to automatically adapt to whatever environment you have — any numbers of Hänel lifts, any number of lift operators from one person picking from all lifts, to every lift having a dedicated operator, to any numbers of Jobs/Orders being processed simultaneously — all without needing intervention by the operators, MultiPick manages it all.


Often in a batch picking environment, all Jobs/Orders in the batch must be completed before another batch is started. This is very inefficient, especially if one Job/Order has many picks while the others have only a few.
However, MultiPick provides ‘continuous batching’. The moment a Job/Order is completed, MultiPick will re-run the algorithms across all remaining Jobs/Orders in the queue and their stored locations but will now also include the remaining inventory items needed for the partially completed Jobs/Orders. This results in a highly optimised sequence of picks that minimises the number of shelf retrievals and times an inventory item is picked, further increasing operator productivity.


MultiPick can be configured to suit virtually any warehouse work-flow and process, from paperless environments using barcoded totes or cartons to accommodating printed Orders and pick lists. Key modes include:

- Barcode
Inventory items picked from the lift may be packed into a tote (plastic box) that is identified with a barcode, or a shipping carton that has a barcode on it or on a printed label, or perhaps satchels with barcodes. MultiPick provides for a paperless work-flow in the pick and put process by associating the barcode to the Job/Order.
- Order
In Order mode, MultiPick displays the customer Order number at the Put bench displays, allowing printed Order information to be put with the picked items.