ESD Electronic Industry

  • Brand: Hänel
  • Product Code: Hanel Industrial Rotomat
After intensive research we decided there was only one choice for us – Hanel Rotomat®!

Shorter setup times due to ESD-approved storage of electronic components in the production hall

The Mikrolab company develops sub-assemblies for digital technology. It carries out development for customers and also manufactures its own products.

It needs to store large amounts of electronic components for pc board assembly.

A Hanel Rotomat® Industrial Carousel with shelves coated in antistatic paint and fitted with varied dividers and inserts is used as a central store. The setup times for the production machines have been slashed as a result.

The production area has been increased since space was saved by replacing the conventional rack systems.

The component data entered and movements booked by barcode scanner. This ensures that an overview of the inventory situation is guaranteed at all times.

After detailed Internet research, Mikrolab selected Hänel Büro- und Lagersysteme as their partner because of their market position.