Electronic Industry

  • Brand: Hänel
  • Product Code: Hanel Industrial Rotomat
Variable compartments in the Hanel Rotomat® is perfect for our inventory​!

The wide choice of dimensions for the Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Carousels offers the right solution for every size of company.

Andreas Müller Electronic GmbH is a small company that has been developing and manufacturing electronic sub-assemblies for industrial applications for over ten years.

Its main focus is as a service provider in the field of printed circuit board assembly. 2 Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousels, placed centrally in the production hall, act as a store for a wide range of components.

The variable dividers and inserts for the shelves are ideal for this purpose. With the lockable sliding doors, sensitive electronic subassemblies can be buffered in a protected and dust-free environment.

Defining the storage locations of the respective articles in the enterprise resource planning system means that they can be found quickly and reliably.

Like other companies, Andreas Müller was able to gain more area for production by installing this space-saving system.

A good example proving that Hänel storage systems can be used efficiently in small manufacturing workshops.