TB Mini - Barrier to Protect from Collision with Light Vehicles

TB Mini - Barrier to Protect from Collision with Light Vehicles
TB Mini - Barrier to Protect from Collision with Light Vehicles
Brand: Boplan
Product Code: TB Mini

TB Mini | Barrier to Protect from Collision with Light Vehicles

Protection from trolleys, carts, light traffic with a low impact risk

The FLEX IMPACT® TB Mini is the smallest and lightest size of impact protection in our series and is specifically designed for use with light wheeled objects that have a low impact risk. This barrier consists of a smaller single tube low to the ground. And even though it is very light-weight, it holds well against any small rolling stock. The TB Mini is quick and easy to install.

The TB Mini is used as protection against rolling containers, pallet trucks or shopping trolleys with limited speeds and where height is not important.


·         ​Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediately return to its original shape

·         Quick and easy to install

·         Number of rails: 1 Tube

·         Standard lenght: 5'

·         Custom lenghts available: 2' to 6 1/2'

·         Total height: 7"

·         Anchors per post: 2  (1/2" x 4 1/2")

·         Tube color: Std Yellow, other options available

·         Accessories: Stainless steel base plates

Polymer guardrails: First in class Protection against Forklift trucks and other vehicles

FLEX IMPACT® guardrails are specifically designed to protect people, machines and infrastructure against impacts from forklifts or other heavy vehicles. These guardrails are meant for demanding environments where heavy loads are transported, such as manufacturing halls, warehouses and airports. Detailed life impact tests have shown that Flex Impact guardrails can withstand the impact of a high-speed crash with a 7,000 lbs forklift truck at 11mph!

All our guardrails are made from our own engineered BSP polymer, a material that gives our guardrail a dynamic memory. It absorbs 80% of the impact energy, then immediately returns to its original shape. Repairs or replacements to either the guardrail, concrete or forklifts are eliminated or drastically reduced, all while providing the very best safety available. This means our products will absorb the impact and then immediately return to their original shape.