Scara Robots

Scara Robots

Scara Robot

TH Series; from size of 180mm to 1200mm, wide protection & application ranges available. Support various options cleanroom design, IP65, & ceiling-mount type.

THL Series; developed under the concept of low cost, lightweight & energy saving. It offers weight reduction & energy saving of up to 50%. It features high allowable inertia moment of 0.2kg/m2 & high portability of up to 10kg.

THP Series; high-speed & high-cycle SCARA robot. The use of lightweight arm & the achievement of low inertia offer a fast cycle time of 0.3-second level, & 120 cycles/min in 24hr continuous operation.

  • This is a high-speed and high-cycle SCARA robot with arm length 700mm and maximum payload 10kg. The..