The Drive Components

The Drive Components
The Drive Components
Brand: Hänel
Product Code: Hanel Industrial Rotomat

Keeping the wheels of industry turning
Twin-motor design

The drive systems of all Hänel Rotomat® carousels are housed inside the carousel casing. This ensures optimal freedom of movement in front of the carousel.

Almost all Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage carousels ASRS are equipped with twin motors. This guarantees less wear and quieter running. The right and left drive motors are controlled in sync. The simultaneous acceleration and braking of the two drives means that the multifunction carriers are moved without distortion.
The twin motor design also ensures optimal balance if the load on the carrier is distributed unevenly.
Stable carrier suspension on 4-point sliding carriage principle

The Hänel Rotomat® carrier suspension is designed according to the sliding carriage principle so that the carriers are suspended from 4 levers on 4 rollers on left and right
Safety Bypass System

Hänel Rotomat® ASRS storage carousels work reliably and failure-free. If a malfunction should arise, however, Hänel's optional Safety Bypass System comes into effect in certain cases. If a light barrier curtain or door switch is defective, for example, the user can continue to operate the Hänel Rotomat® until the Hänel service technician arrives by activating the Safety Bypass System and closing the sliding door.